My name is Katia Zardoni, I’m specialized in Physiatry, I worked until 2008 in rehabilitation facilities and since then I have been working as a freelancer
Thanks to an experimental work which began in 1990 in Milan, with the help of colleagues, therapists and collaborators I systematized a new massotherapy, which I defined:
The innovation of the Lymph-Connective Drainage consists in the simultaneous action on the lymphatic system and the fascial and connective system, resulting in a rapid and lasting effect on various physiopathological situations.
This method originated empirically at the end of the Eighties from a study of over 20 years by Italian and French researchers who had experienced its healthy and enduring effects until it came to defining its peculiarity and innovation.
The DLC is aimed at the lymphatic system with a slow and deep touch; it allows to work on the fascial planes according to different cleavage planes reaching the different connective tissues of the whole body and it has a quick and lasting effect. That is the reason why it is particularly recommended in the corporeal situations of lymphoedema and in the post-traumatic conditions.



Katia Zardoni


Specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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